LocalGrid PQA™

LocalGrid’s Power Quality Analyzer (LocalGrid PQA™) uses an open architecture that simplifies integration and provides out-of-the box functionality to speed time to market and enable rapid customization. LocalGrid PQA is an application deployed to the LocalGrid Fog Computing Platform.

LocalGrid PQA™

Software based Power Quality Analyzer

LocalGrid™ Power Quality Analyzer (LocalGrid PQA™) integrates distributed data architecture to
allow for complex processing to be performed on remote devices, rather than at a
centralized location.

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Defer capital investments by generating more power behind existing transformers and moving more power through assets in off-peak hours.

Grid Stability

Distributed control and generation capability means the grid is less susceptible to point failures and becomes more fault-tolerant with local event detection and analysis.


LocalGrid solutions are software based using modular, ruggedized hardware and a data platform. Upgrades can be made remotely, over-the-air, allowing for systems to evolve with changing standards, requirements and applications.

Grid Security

Overlay a secure SCADA network meeting today’s cyber security standards, using existing edge devices and on existing infrastructure, minimizing investment costs.

LocalGrid PQA uses an open architecture that simplifies integration and provides out-of-the-box functionality to speed up time to market. LocalGrid PQA provides a single solution with flexible configuration options, enabling utilities to gather an extensive array of data including harmonics, voltage fluctuations, overvoltage conditions and other anomalies that can disrupt power in transmission and distribution infrastructure. The powerful NI CompactRIO 9068 supports two independent simultaneous power quality analyzers in one hardware platform. Each PQA can be independently configured and customized with support for up to 4 voltages and 4 currents. Both PQAs are synchronized via built-in-support for IEEE 1588 PTP, GPS or NTP.


LocalGrid PQA™

Power Quality Analyzer

Based on National Instruments ruggedized CompactRIO 9068, LocalGrid PQA delivers advanced real-time and historical analytics to fit into your energy management solution.

LocalGrid PQA


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Feature Comparison


LocalGrid PQA

Standard PQA

Two PQA's in One Chassis

Multiple Protocol Support (Modbus, DNP3, IEC-61850, DDS)

Digital and analog connectivity

XML-based configuration

Distributed data collection

Central Data Aggregation

Over-the-Air updates

LocalGrid PQA

Power Quality Analyzer

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